Attractive Fireplace Surrounds

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Published: 19th November 2014
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In years past, fireplaces were much more practical than attractive. Perhaps the fireplace had been utilized to heat the home, provide light throughout the night time hours, or even used to warm up food. Usually, these fireplaces were placed near a wall in addition to surrounded using brick.

Today, fireplaces tend to be used a lot more for decoration compared to practical reasons. In fact, numerous houses that possess a functioning fireplace do not even burn up wood. Modern day houses have fireplaces which have already been fitted with gas logs in order to burn quietly and cleanly.

Removing the brick which surrounds your fireplace can end up being a costly and time intensive process. These days, it is possible to retrofit your current fireplace along with pre-manufactured surround pieces. This makes the process much faster and it is cheaper.

Modern Fireplace Surrounds

Marble and also granite are the 2 most widely used choices for modern fireplace surrounds. Due to this, there are many different kinds of designs from which to choose. You might desire to buy a surround with Roman flair, or perhaps you want a unit which has French Provincial overtones.

Keep in mind that the more elaborate the surround, the higher the cost. While pre-fabricated surrounds tend to be less expensive than other options, a surround piece can nevertheless cost thousands of dollars based on exactly how ornate the decorations happen to be.

Surrounds work most effectively along with fireplaces that have already been framed within a wall. Fireplaces which sit on the floor instead of upon a hearth will furthermore work well using a surround.

Some other Options

If you have a traditionally constructed fireplace, or if perhaps your fireplace is actually positioned on a hearth, you may have to use a hand laid stone design. Although this is a little more work, you'll have a big variety of choices and can tailor your style and design to accentuate your fireplace.

Stones can be set in a pattern or utilizing stones that all look exactly the same. You may also desire to put decorative stones inside the pattern. In the event that you have a wooden mantel or hearth, you will love the look of wood and stone together.

Some homeowners prefer to make use of granite whenever producing a fireplace surround. Others enjoy the appearance of smooth, rounded stones. Rough stones are not used just as much these days as they once were. With that said, making use of rough stone to complete the surround of a cabin fireplace would look really appealing.

You May Create A Distinctive Appearance

In the event that you want to create a look that is completely unique to you, you might wish to fully understand the process before you start. Choose the color and style of the surround just before you start and make certain that you firmly like precisely what you have selected. Nothing is worse than going back to re-do what has already been carried out.

Speak with a contractor or perhaps designer before starting the procedure to ensure that your thoughts are actually feasible. A great contractor as well as designer might think of things which you have not actually considered. As an example, how the light will play on a particular area of the fireplace, or if you desire to surround the complete wall close to the fireplace with a similar material.

In many cases, designers in addition to contractors have portfolios of their particular work. Ask to observe the portfolio before virtually any work is actually done. By doing this, you may obtain a practical concept of how your surround will certainly look once it's finished.


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