Be Careful - Are Your Interior Stair Railings Set up Correctly?

Published: 14th May 2012
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Whenever moving straight into a recently built house, chances are your interior stair railings tend to be installed appropriately along with fulfill building codes. However, when getting into a pre-existing home, how do you know if your own stairs along with railings fulfill code and are usually safe?

The actuality of the scenario is that, in many cases, pre-existing homes have concerns within the home over and above that of only the stairs plus railings. These concerns satisfied earlier codes, but tend to be right now outdated. Does this imply you can nevertheless move straight into your house? Of course you can, but would you like to move directly into a home that could be a safety threat?

Below are a few points to search for when assessing the basic safety of your own stairs and railings:

  • Are the treads as well as risers safe, as well as level?
  • Are any kind of of the treads as well as risers missing?
  • Are the stairs built way too steep? (In other words, do you feel just like you happen to be climbing a latter, rather than ascending a staircase?)
  • When you go up the stairs, do you trip or even feel like you are going to trip?
  • Are the railings secured to the wall properly?
  • Are the railings hung way too high or perhaps way too low?
  • Are the inside stair rails missing?
  • Do the stairs create a fall risk?

If you are unsure about precisely what the building codes are for your stairs along with railings, make an appointment with your nearby code enforcement officer. Sometimes it will take time to get these kinds of people out to the site along with execute an inspection merely because their schedules fill up quickly. Nonetheless, once they get there, they will be capable to let you know immediately what should be done prior to becoming a resident of the home. They'll additionally inform you exactly what may end up being completed after you have currently moved in.

In addition to investigating interior stair railings leading to a second floor or even attic level of the home, be certain the basement stairs as well as railings are also checked. You are going to spend a fair amount of time using these kinds of stairs to carry out routine home maintenance, along with make use of storage space.

Therefore, making certain the security of this area of the home is a significant consideration. If there is a stairwell leading from the outside of your home as well as straight into the basement, these types of stairs ought to also be inspected. Due to climate as well as other conditions, these kinds of stairs have a tendency to degrade quickly and might need instant attention.

In the event that you are concerned with the costs associated with hiring a contractor to repair your stairs and railings, be advised that postponing this work is often a liability. In the event that you have guests within your house, and they turn out to be injured because of problems immediately related to your own stairs and railings, you are in for expenses greater than precisely what you would experience with employing a contractor.

If the stairs or even railings aren't up to code, it could additionally give you some additional bargaining power when talking about the price along with the seller. In the event that they don't fulfill the completely new specifications, you should use that to negotiate a lower price.

Whenever determining who will do the actual work, interview three contractors and ask for estimates from each of them. Additionally request a portfolio of past work along with verifiable references. That way, when you help make your ultimate decision concerning who'll perform the work on your own stairs as well as railings, you can be sure that you're getting somebody that will be reliable and dependable.

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