Remarkable Ways Newel Posts Can Add Value To Your House

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Published: 19th November 2016
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In the event that you happen to be building a house, you may wish to pay special attention to the finer details. If perhaps you do plan to sell your house, its the smaller details that could help make or break a purchase. Because of this, you might desire to think about adding custom made features to a central point in your house. One particular focal point in your home may be your own staircase. A staircase is often seen coming from the entrance of the house. Sometimes, the staircase is actually inside the center of the very first floor.

In some cases, the staircase might be along a single wall on the bottom floor. Whatever the location, youll be able to add finishing touches to the stairway and add a touch of class to your home. Adding carved newel posts is one way which youll be able to create a memorable staircase, that is guaranteed to increase the value along with add that almost all important wow aspect.

Customized designed newels or perhaps central poles, can also be a great conversation piece any time entertaining guests. Of course, should you opt to sell your own home, custom made carved poles may absolutely draw attention to your home.

Precisely what is a newel post? A newel post, or alternatively central pole, may be the more substantial posts which tend to be typically towards the bottom of the stairs. Sometimes, the posts could show up at the bottom, middle, and top of the stairs. They serve a functional as well as a decorative goal. In fact, the newel post is really the section of the staircase which offers stability for the handrail.

In contemporary homes, its somewhat uncommon for custom made newel posts to be included within the cost of the house. Instead, custom-designed posts usually are something which hearkens to the days of old, when these types of carefully crafted pieces ended up being standard issue. Carpenters as well as other craftsmen, took pride within making distinctive and also well crafted items that ended up being designed to go on for many years. This kind of quality craftsmanship is unconventional in todays day and age, when less costly will be viewed as much better.

Before you seek the services of a craftsman to make a customized piece for you, it really is important to think about several different factors.

To start with, just what kind of materials do you wish to use? Most individuals choose to create a post out of wood instead of metal. If you decide on wood, what type of wood do you want? Pine is actually light in color, however it also is actually incredibly soft. Sturdy woods like oak, maple, or perhaps cherry, are generally more durable, but these woods are generally dark in color. Once you have decided the sort of wood that you want to make use of, you are going to need to determine if you want to have the post painted or stained.

Most central poles additionally have a topper. If perhaps you choose to have a custom-designed topper for your own post, youll need to decide what kind of topper fits in best along with your design. Do you want a traditional topper or perhaps a far more modern day topper? Which design might fit in best with the rest of the decor in your house?

It could be hard to choose the kind of post as well as topper thats perfect for your house. If perhaps this really is the case, you may wish to get the assistance of a home designer. By asking for the recommendation of a specialist, youll be able to rest assured that your own staircase will not only look really good, but that it will add value and that exclusive flair to your dwelling.


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