Tips for Buying and Using the Proper Stair Railing and Newel Posts

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Published: 22nd April 2013
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The staircase within your home is a huge feature, that will dominate the area, and can create the perfect entry. Nevertheless, you have to make sure that each and every element that is used for the building along with styling of the staircase will be flawless. The railings as well as newel posts may have to look incredible along with retain a component of safety.

Precisely How To Choose the Correct Newel Posts

Newel posts are usually used upon every single staircase, nonetheless, numerous individuals don't realize that is exactly what they're called. They are generally the significant posts, which are actually at the start of your staircase, and within several houses, they are furthermore at the end. In the event that your staircase is actually large as well as winds via your house, you might discover that there is additionally a newel post at the center.

More aged homes generally have unbelievably elaborate newel posts with hand made tops plus attractive features. Wood nevertheless continues to be the most popular choice of material for staircases, and if you can afford to have the newel post hand crafted, they'll stick out. Oak is actually regarded as the best wood for stair railing as well as newel posts because it is hard wearing, robust and appears remarkable.

The natural appearance of oak, together with the delicate honey color is ideal for every home, and will ensure that your staircase is the principal feature. However, you can pick various other woods for your project, which includes maple, cherry, and ash. You need to use cherry sensibly as it's significantly darker as compared to some other woods, and in small homes can look bad.

There are usually several different factors, that you will need to consider when in search of the proper staircase for your home. You will have to determine whether or not you'll need a post to post system, or perhaps an over the post stairway. This system allows you to run the railing within the newel posts, and can be considerably less complicated to install.

No matter the style of newel posts which you would like to use, there are usually several different things that you need to consider, these include, the style and age of your home, the climate where you reside and your budget for the job in addition to upkeep in the future.

Precisely How To Select The Ideal Stair Railing

Stair railings do differ within design, materials, color and design, consequently, you need to select wisely and ensure that you take the time to select the ideal railing for your stairway. Wood remains the most widely used material for railings, and may help to enhance your home. However, if your house will be modern in addition to contemporary, you might like to consider metal or perhaps plastic.

Understanding Exactly How To Care For Your Staircase

Regardless of the style or design of your stairs, you will have to keep it clean, along with perform normal maintenance. Whenever you choose the material for your stairs, you have to ensure that you learn how to thoroughly clean it correctly.

This may include, sweeping or even vacuuming the stairs,dusting as well as wiping the stair railing in addition to newel posts and polishing the wood.

You ought to never make use of virtually any substance on the stairs which may make them hazardous to walk upon, and slippery. Regular checks of the steps tend to be important, to ensure that they continue to be in exceptional condition and secure, any sign of damage has to be handled right away.


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