What Is A Corbel as well as Half A Dozen Uses Within The House?

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Published: 19th November 2016
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What is a corbel? Fundamentally, its nothing more than a bit of architecture. Commonly, its a piece of masonry which sticks out of the wall. Surprisingly, corbels have already been used for centuries by builders for various reasons. In fact, archaeologists have discovered data that the Romans and the Greeks utilized corbels whenever constructing properties

Throughout the Middle Ages, corbels were really developed to help strengthen the castles and to present another layer of security for the castle occupants. Largely, corbels held a table that might be lifted along with utilized to drop hot liquids onto the people attacking the fortress.

Over the years, the corbel has turned out to be significantly less practical and much more decorative. These days, the architectural feature is used to enliven brand new construction or perhaps used when renovating older buildings. Perhaps you have by no means truly seen a corbel used and usually are wondering where and how modern day builders make use of this feature.

You may even be contemplating incorporating these kinds of features any time re-decorating or even building your own dream home. Here are a few places exactly where corbels are used nowadays.

  1. Theyre utilized within fireplaces. To be much more specific, they are most commonly used in fireplace mantles. Corbels can be rustic or they might be ornately carved. Of course, it simply depends upon the property owners style as well as the style of the decor in the home. Any time utilized similar to this, the piece is probably used for decoration.

  2. Under countertops. Surprisingly, this architectural piece is often utilized to support weighty countertops and offer some structural integrity. This is especially true today exactly where granite and other heavy materials usually are used to create kitchen counter tops. In such cases, corbels usually are primarily functional rather than decorative.

  3. They offer support for valances and curtain rods. Whenever utilized in this type of way, corbels are generally decorative and functional. They could be used to hang the curtains, or they can be used to support the valance rods. In either case, there are generally several techniques to incorporate this attractive architectural piece straight into your window design if you wish to do so.

  4. Corbels are used to support cabinets. In this regard, they yet again are usually primarily functional in addition to go behind the cabinets to help attach them to the wall. The pieces may be particularly helpful in the event that youll end up being filling the cabinet using hefty materials.

  5. They can be utilized in the eaves of the roof. In this regard, corbels might be decorative and include visual interest to the roof. This is specifically accurate if the house is inside a conventional style or even if the roofing will be made from hefty materials just like terra cotta, tin, or wood. In cases like this, the structural pieces could possibly be created from wood or from various other components.

  6. Corbels could be utilized on uncovered ceilings or rafters. This decorative feature may be used to add architectural interest to the ceiling of a house or for added support, in the event that the home is fairly old. In the majority of cases, theyll most likely be created from wood or timber.

Obviously, these are usually just a couple of examples of the many ways in which these kinds of architectural pieces could be utilized in your home. Your builder or interior designer can provide you with far more examples in addition to suggestions for tastefully utilizing corbels in your house.


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